New Open Mic Venue !  

Hi all,

sorry for not updating more often..  we already well into March!! I am just getting over the shock of finishing my fabulous open mic nights at The Northern Way Preston due to a change in management.. not to worry, a lovely venue called Net's Bar in Gregson Lane just outside of Preston approached me to run a night on a Wednesday 8pm. The bar is slowly building its reputation as a great live music hub for the area and my new open mic night has got off to a great start! some amazing talent already have showed up to perform and the venue is always on the look out to book live music acts so come along and help us celebrate live music and try out those new tunes! Beginners welcome.. 

I have been gigging well known songs as The Time Tinkers check us out here we are a recently formed duo formed with banjo player and guitarist Stuart Hartley we play lots of different genres and also quite a few of my own songs .. we do a very Spanish and authentic version of Last Train to Paradise and some new unreleased tunes where Stu plays the banjo. I have also been gigging as a duo called Feather with Katie Mac from Irish/Liverpool band The Jesse Janes, we gel very well in every way true soul sisters! Katie has written some fabulous guitar parts for a couple of my new tunes, try to catch us at one of our gigs.

There have finally been some developments for the new EP release it will take a little time, raising funds to complete the project professionally has been the only obstacle as the songs are written and some recorded. Watch this space. If you wish to donate to help make the next CD happen you can go here or drop me a line  Many thanks  JLG xx 

Something For The Pain Video edited and now with lyrics!!  

Hi spring is on it's way! and I have been returning to live scene and singing for my supper!! I am also beginning to plan ahead for the EP release that I had to put on hold.. fingers crossed this year there will be new tunes for you to buy!

I released the music video Something For The Pain back in 2020 It is no longer available on youtube so I have just uploaded the video on to my Rumble channel.. please check it out, it highlights a very important and urgent issue largely unknown to the majority.    Something For The Pain (with lyrics)

You can download the song here Something For The Pain

Things are changing rapidly in this world and now there are many alternatives to you tube so if you haven't already opened a Rumble account go and have a look and if you decide to sign up please subscribe to my fledgling channel there!

I am performing a solo gig at The Fulwood Arms in Liverpool next week on the 18th March (check my shows section for details) so hopefully I will see you then!

Hard copies of The Here & Now finally available!! 

Hi everyone hope you are all feeling good and tuning out of the negative barrage of news that people keep telling me about! My album The Here & Now was described as 'an oasis of Calm and healing..' and a popular choice for my fans for relaxation and good vibes, especially for playing in the car! I am pleased to tell you I now have hard copies available just in time for Christmas! order one now before they run out again!! just follow the link  The Here & Now  and remember keep vibing high and hold the line!!  love to you and yours xx

I'm back!! Live gigs and Open Mic Night 

Good News!

I am back at The Northern Way in Preston .. running the Open Mic Night .. it started slow back in August, but building up again now so if you are not too far away come on over and enjoy the music.. we have some great talent on and of course I will be playing some well known tunes and a few of my originals ! If you are a musician come and play I have a spare acoustic guitar for you to use! 

BRAND NEW!! Merchandise Page  

Hi there I hope you are all feeling good .. despite the very strange year we are all having!.. I have been creative and have been learning new skills such as video making and editing for friends..

I performed at a few local outdoor events as part of Freedom Of The Mind.. and I have met some wonderful poets and musicians along the way.. its been surprisingly positive.

Today I am happy to announce my new Merchandise Page! I have different designs all inspired by my songs and my vibe.. they are available on t shirts sweatshirts, caps, bags and pillows, stickers and mugs and even cooking aprons!  I will be updating them regularly.. so please cheack out the Merch page for gifts for loved ones and for yourself. Here is a direct link if you have any problems accessing! I hope you like the images and positive vibrations.

JLG Shirts & Tings

No news on music releases as all is on hold.. I am sure next year will bring some amazing developments

Forever vibing high

New release 13th Sept & A FREE DOWNLOAD of an album track today!!  

Hi all.. welcome new subscribers and thanks for being here! No gigs yet for me, as live music makes a very slow tentative appearance in a few select places around my local area.. I will post as soon as I get a show date! it seems we are not through this crown virus yet!

Whilst I have been prevented from singing in public I have made a couple of music videos and recorded two new songs for the coming EP. One of those songs will be released in the next two weeks on the 13th September along with an accompanying video to be released on the same day on Youtube. Please subscribe to my You Tube Channel

The NEW RELEASE is called The Aramaic Prayer, I wrote the music and melody and it was co-produced by Cameron L Warren. The prayer was written by  Joseph Gregory Hallett   It's a beautiful soulful piece that I am very proud of I hope you enjoy it when it comes out on the 13th Sept.!

I am having a break from facebook, so the only way to contact me at the moment is through my email, via twitter @sisterjolo or through this website I am also on new freedom of speech social media site We Wake 

Here is a song from my current album for you! It's called On A level.

Please subscribe for updates on the release and a second freebie from my current album!!

Have a great week see you very soon!


The Real Evolution- Brand New Single and Video 

Hello All!

Well I finally went ahead and released my first tune of a forthcoming EP. Real Evolution Download Link

It's a positive feelgood song and my contribution to the announcement of the Great Awakening... yes folks I am coming out of the closet as a 'Truther' I love the truth. The reaction so far has been fantastic and fan Alison Lee Lee said "..really enjoyed listening to your track. Felt instant happiness and a real Aloha warm vibe."

Yes, we are on a sort of lockdown at the moment with this coronavirus pandemic, which has been devastating to many of us, no gigs means no regular income! So any support you can give in the form of sharing my website, video's and music, far and wide and of course downloading my music! you can also donate via paypal to

I have started a new You Tube Channel and launched it with my new video for the new single I hope you enjoy it! It was filmed at 'The Fairy Glen' in Liverpool's beautiful Sefton Park and at the great live venue Studio 2, Parr St. Liverpool. Please click the link below.

Real Evolution-You Tube link

Positive feedback welcome and of course sharing if you like it! Next single coming asap!

In the meantime stay safe, stay positive and if you can please help out unsigned musicians and performers and recording artists as much as you can if you love their work!! Thank Q 

All Change! 

Happy New Year! looking forward to getting my musical teeth into 2020! I have an EP release coming up very soon dates will be announce by the end of Jan!

Spreading my wings and my eyes are on the US! Its a dream of mine to get over there and perform my stuff for the music lovers across the pond..

Updates coming very soon in the mean time stay fluffy! If you are in Liverpool tonight 22nd Jan I am playing at  Studio 2, Parr St on stage at 7pm!!

Summer '19  

Hello lovely people who read my blogs!! I hope you are all feeling good.. I have been fairly quiet on the Festival scene this year its been intentional... surviving as a musician is tough and requires much of my energy to pay the rent.. but good news! recording of new songs is ongoing slow but sure.. and also the promised video production is under way so fingers crossed for release in the Autumn! I will be making another appearance at Parr St Liverpool on the 29th August and looking forward to playing a mainly originals gig in Widnes all listed on my shows list.. you can of course catch me at one of the regular shows I do.. check it out Upcoming Gigs  Thats all for now so stay perky and see you soon... oh and theres a free track for you for reading my blog ;)  lottsa love xx