So happy to present my new website!
I am in beautiful Menorca in the Balearic Islands at the moment and considering myself very fortunate to be here again after 6 months away.
I am a true gypsy, having been in Lanzarote with my guitar and recording machine I have been writing songs and preparing arrangements for my next album. Here you will be able to listen to all of my material that has been released... old and new, the old stuff has never been available online before.
I am available for live performances and "at your house" intimate concerts in Menorca for the next 4 months.
The following photos are pictures I took during my stay here last year.. the first is the breathtaking Cala Pilar the 2nd Cala Turqueta and the last Los Caballos de los fiestes de Sant Joan. I love Menorca and if you have never been and would like a little paradise along with a vibrant culture you must visit.

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